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12th Edinburgh Bioinformatics Meeting

After a longer than intended break, the next edition of our regular Edinburgh Bioinformatics meeting will be held at the IGMM on Friday 15th December from 1-5pm

As usual there will be 4-8 short talks with time for discussion and a tea/coffee break. We will also have a 30 minute open session for discussion of the future of Edinburgh Bioinformatics: meeting format, focus, audience, etc.

Please sign up here to attend (so we know numbers for catering) and perhaps offer to give a talk (check the box and give the title).

Further discussion and networking following the meeting at The Raeburn in Stockbridge for drinks and chat.

Hosted by : Alison Meynert ( @ IGMM

Friday, December 15, 2017 - 13:00 to 17:00
IGMM Lecture Theatre
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Namesort descending Group/ Affiliation Dietary requirements
1 Stuart Aitken Semple Group
2 Aleix Arnau Soler Thomson Group
3 Katie Baker Synpromics
4 Carlos Enrique Balcazar Lopez
5 Tracy Ballinger Semple Group
6 Katerina Boufea Batada Group
7 Andrew Bretherick Haley Lab
8 Adam Byron Frame Group
9 Sinclair Cooper Synpromics
10 Owen Dando Simpson Group
11 Donald Dunbar Edinburgh Genomics Bioinformatics
12 Pau Erola Systems Genomics
13 Ailith Ewing Semple Group
14 Philippe Gautier Semple Group
15 Laura Gomez Cuadrado Applied Bioinformatics of Cancer
16 Graeme Grimes
17 Toby Gurran Semple Group
18 Mihail Halachev Semple Group
19 Xin He Simpson Group
20 Jonathan Higham Cancer Epigenetics Group Vegetarian