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5th Edinburgh Bioinformatics Meeting

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 13:30 to 17:00
Swann Lecture Theatre

Registered talks

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Name Group/ Affiliation Talk title Presentation Status Time
Alastair Kilpatrick CISA, School of Informatics Stochastic EM-based TFBS motif discovery with MITSU Confirmed 13:45
Zhenhua Hu Semple Group Determinants of eukaryotic nucleosome positioning evolution Confirmed 14:15
Joe Marsh Marsh group Assembly and evolution of protein quaternary structure Confirmed 14:45
Dave Clements Johns Hopkins University Galaxy project update Confirmed 15:45
Tom Michoel Systems Genomics Gene regulatory network reconstruction: methods and applications Confirmed 16:15
James Prendergast Prendergast group Dipodo - linking scientists by interests Confirmed 16:45


Namesort descending Group/ Affiliation Dietary requirements
1 Stuart Aitken Semple Group
2 Colin Alexander BioSS - Biomathematics and Statistics Scotland
3 Aleix Arnau Kidner Lab
4 Santosh Atanur Atanur group Vegetarian
5 Rodrigo Bacigalupe Watson group
6 Chris Banks Systems Genomics
7 Mark Blaxter Blaxter Group Vegetarian
8 Will Bowring Tomlinson: Stem Cell Bioinformatics
9 Jorge Buendia Adrian Bird Lab
10 Stewart Burgess Moredun Research Institute
11 Emily Chambers Prendergast group
12 Michael Clarke Blaxter Group
13 Dave Clements Johns Hopkins University
14 Donald Dunbar Sistemic Ltd
15 Philippe Gautier Semple Group
16 Duncan Godwin Tomlinson: Stem Cell Bioinformatics
17 David Griffiths Moredun Research Institute
18 Graeme Grimes Semple Group
19 Florian Halbritter Tomlinson: Stem Cell Bioinformatics
20 Samuel Heron Simpson Group Vegan