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Bioinformatics Core at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology

The Centre for Cell Biology is one of eight UK-based Wellcome Trust Centres, two of which are in Scotland. Full Centre status was granted by the Wellcome Trust in 2001, the year that the draft human genome was published. The 20 research groups within the Centre currently specialise in the following areas: 1) the synthesis, processing, localisation and degradation of RNA; 2) epigenetic control of chromosome function; 3) mechanisms of cell growth & duplication; 4) the rules that govern cellular architecture. The Bioinformatics core facility supports all researchers in the Centre by providing training, infrastructure and collaborative research.

Training is mostly incorporated into the Wellcome 4-year Ph.D course and details are on our website. Spaces for external researchers may be available for specific courses. Our infrastructure consists of several high memory compute servers and attached storage with the latest libraries and applications for research computing. We now have a user base of over 100 centre members and collaborators. Central to these systems is our Galaxy server which is used to roll out our own researcher-driven applications. In addition, we have multiple on-going collaborations which have a strong focus (but not limited to) high-throughput data analysis of data such as multiple types of deep sequencing and large scale proteomics experiments. Details of many of these collaborations can be found in our publication list.