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Blaxter Group

The Blaxter lab at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology, School of Biological Sciences, uses next generation and last generation genome and transcriptome data to explore and describe the diversity of animals. Our biological focus is largely on nematodes, free-living and parasitic, and on supporting the efforts of others in developing new treatments for nematode diseases. We also work on other "neglected animals", such as snails, tardigrades and butterflies, and also on other taxa (plants, fungi, bacteria). Informatically we are interested in genome assembly, transcriptome assembly and genome annotation processes. We have a continuing interest in the use of sequence data in biodiversity prospecting, using DNA barcodes to identify putative taxa in an approach known as metagenomics. As part of our work we have also developed freely-available tools for collation, assembly, annotation and display of genome data, and provide web services and databases for use by all.