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Edinburgh Genomics Bioinformatics

The Edinburgh Genomics Bioinformatics group is a collaborative bioinformatics research and support group based within the Edinburgh Genomics Facility resulting from the merger of ARK Genomics and The GenePool. The group has specific expertise in the analysis of capillary and next-generation sequencing, microarray, and SNP genotyping data. We carry out collaborative research with scientists throughout the world, with projects including de novo genome sequencing, comparative genomics, functional genomics, population genomics, and metagenomics, across the medical, agricultural and environmental sciences. We work in close collaboration with biologists from conception to publication to deliver data and analyses key to the success of every project. We have developed standard pipelines for the routine analysis of data using "best in class" open-source software, allowing us to focus on the interpretation of data and the development of techniques for the analysis and visualisation of novel datasets and experiments. We also provide access to commercial platforms for data mining and analysis of complex datasets. We are actively involved in bioinformatics training and community building, including the NextGenBUG bi-monthly meetings and mailing list. All enquiries should be sent to Donald Dunbar, the Bioinformatics Operations Manager.