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Systems Immunology Group

The primary focus of our research is to develop a deeper understanding of the role of macrophages in infection and inflammatory disease.  This work utilises a combination of cutting edge bioinformatics approaches to data mining and visualisation, and wet-lab investigations.  Our main objectives of the work are:

  1. to develop new approaches to the visualisation and analysis of large network graphs derived from biological data and use these tools for genomics research
  2. to create human and machine readable in silico models of known signalling pathways and transcriptional networks associated with infection and pro-inflammatory stimuli
  3. to a develop a clear understanding of the activation states of macrophages and other leukocyte populations in various differentiation/activation states in vivo and in vitro, primarily through the exploration the transcriptomics networks
  4. to use experimental approaches, particularly RNAi followed by molecular and cellular phenotyping analyses, to test the in silico models of inflammation in human and animal primary macrophage cultures